Noah escape pod is demonstrated by New Cosmo Power president Shoji Tanaka

Survival Capsule: At the Intersection of Shelter and Furniture

New Cosmo Power, a Japanese manufacturer located in Kanagawa Prefecture, has developed Noah, an FRP survival capsule targeted primarily as a tsunami escape-pod. For anyone who doubts the structural robustness of FRP, this invention serves as a reminder of the rigorous impact loads that FRP boats withstand every day.

According to the company’s website (translation from the original Japanese by Google), “The body has a structure of multi-layer reinforced plastic (FRP), we are also used in combination with many layers of glass mat and roving cloth between them. Material that is used, for example, boat, roving cloth has a strong intensity. Usually, the FRP molding is carried out manually stacking tension, to eliminate the variation of the intensity of the entire product has been manufactured by vacuum molding. 

“FRP is not observed little change due to aging, even after 100 years, there is no hole or opening that corrode like metal. (Faded paint occurs.)”

The Noah capsule stands at the intersection of boats and buildings, a shelter designed to be kept on land but used primarily when the land is covered by water.  Of course, in order to be useful, it must be kept ready close at hand for an escape with little forewarning.  This means that it also becomes, effectively, a piece of furniture, a part of the decor.