COCOON_FS Pavilion

COCOON_FS Pavilion

The COCOON_FS Pavilion by Pohl Architects is a lightweight fiberglass shelter inspired by nature and it’s structural forms. Relient on computer modeling and digital fabrication, the result is a series of detailed panels fitted together to create this alluring structure.

From their Facebook page:

COCOON_FS, the joint project  of architect Julia and Göran Pohl, is a morphogenetic design approach using lightweight structural panels. The construction methods of natural organisms informed their energy and material efficient designs.  Lightweight yet strong and stable,  the form is achieved through a highly resilient fiberglass composite system. COCOON_FS  is opaque white during the day,  but at night shows its transparency and luminosity.

COCOON_FS can be a production-ready product, suitable as a pavilion for art and horticultural exhibitions, storage, or shelters for golf and other sports fields and facilities.

COCOON_FS PlanktonTech was created as a prototype of a morphogenetic form developed from artwork by Julia and Göran Pohl as part of their research network.  With Jena LIGHT INSTITUTE, POHL architects and with the support of the Alfred Wegner Institute in Bremerhaven, the work was designed and built by Fiber-Tech in Chemnitz.


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Fiber-Tech gmbh
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All photos via Pohl Architects