Snohetta's RAK Gateway

Snohetta’s RAK Gateway

The facade for this huge complex designed by Snohetta is fabricated by PCT.  The panels are approximately 8m x 4m, and about 1000 panels will clad the exterior. Each panel has a complex bi-axial curved shape and is made from a sandwich of glass fiber and epoxy resin composites with a structural foam core and is fully insulated to reach an optimum U value. Structural bonded windows are built into the facade and each panel is topped with ceramic slabs in a repetitive geometric pattern. From Snohetta:

“Snøhetta has been commissioned by the Ras Al Khaimah investment Authority and RAKEEN to undertake the architectural design
for the Gateway project in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Situated in the desert 150 km to the east of Dubai this landmark project
will mark the gateway to the emirate and form the entrance to the new planned capital city of Ras Al Khaimah.”

Learn more from Snohetta here.

For more on the process of the panels go to PCT.

Images via Snohetta and PCT.