At Home with Carbon Fiber

At Home with Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber continues to be an expensive material, but in some cases, it’s worth the price. High performance applications (racing sailboats, aerospace), where the strength-to-weight ratio is all-important, are probably the first area that comes to mind. However, there are other properties that can justify the cost, such as appearance.  The cache of the material is directly related to its high cost.  The eye-catching designs it enables are directly related to its strength-to-weight ratio. For both of the properties, furniture designers have taken carbon fiber to their hearts. The material is, right now, in that sweet spot of being rare enough to still be considered exotic, but common enough that everybody knows it when they see it (or a good imitation of it).

Here we present a few examples of carbon fiber furniture designs. Not a ‘round-up’ by any means, just a sampling.

Many of the pieces we’ve seen seem to exult in the extraordinary malleability of composites, boldly presenting a complex object as a single piece, even a single surface.

Ray Chaise - image via Mast Elements

The Ray Chaise from Mast Elements, designed by Johnny Hugnot, is a nice example of the single-piece concept – image via Mast Elements

Mast Elements' Ray Carbon Fiber Chaise - image via

Mast Elements’ Ray Chaise – image via                  



Mast Elements Manta Chair - image via Mast Elements

Manta 2C Chair from Mast Elements, one of several versions of this swooping design. Here, the carbon fiber signature appearance has been eliminated with an opaque coating, but the performance is still very much in evidence – image via Mast Elements

Mast Elements Manta Chair - image via Mast Elements

Mast Elements Manta 2C Chair – image via Mast Elements



Mast Elements' carbon cocktail table - image via

Mast Elements’ Suspended Coffee Table is a fine example of a carbon fiber magic trick that is quite popular with furniture designers: defying gravity – image via




This “concept chair” designed by Roberto Pennetto seems rather Eames-inspired – image via socialdesignmagazine,com



Carbon Slip Chair - image via

The Carbon Slip Chair, designed by Dario Antonini and made in the US by Orange22, presents the appearance of simplicity itself, but it is, accoridng to its makers, “sensibly designed for back support.” It is made from a combination of glass fiber and carbon fiber composite, and is available in several other colors. – image via



Orbit Side Table - image via

The Orbit Side Table, also designed by Dario Antonini and made by Orange22, glories in the single-surface idea and coyly thumbs its nose at gravity – image via



Carbon Fiber Stealth Table - image via

Designer John Cherrey’s Stealth Table, offered by, is another stunning single-piece piece. “The Stealth Table found its genesis in the idea of building the engineers bending moment diagram coupled with the aesthetics of Formula One racing. Beyond this interest, it was also important that the design highlighted the enviable capacity of composite construction to allow for smooth and organic junctions between different elements, in this case, the transition between table top and legs. The resulting simple form was thought not to dominate the magical visual quality of the carbon fiber itself.” – image via



Corcel Bathtub - image via

Not much information is available about the Corcel Bathtub, but we couldn’t resist showing it. Why you would want a bathtub made of carbon fiber is unclear. But settling down into it has, perhaps, potential to inspire some interesting fantasies – image via

Corcel Bathtub - image via

Corcel Bathtub – image via