Defining the Future of Composites

Defining the Future of Composites

A recent announcement from Germany suggests an important step in the maturation of architectural composites.

AZL (RWTH Aachen’s Aachen Centre for Integrative Lightweight Production) in cooperation with AVK (the oldest community of interests of the plastics industry in Germany, tracing its roots back to 1924), has put out a call for partners in an ambitious new program. Beginning in November 2016, they will start a Joint Market and Technology Study on “New Potentials for Composite Technologies in Buildings and Infrastructure.” They are, it seems, attempting to identify the dozen most viable business models for a construction and infrastructure composites industry.

And they are calling for companies who want a seat at that table defining the future.

From the AZL website:

Within a Joint Market and Technology Study, the AZL will identify new potentials for composite technologies in Buildings & Infrastructure. Drawing on technical expertise, but also a well-grounded knowledge of market specific information, AZL is determining where and with which products, materials and production technologies new business opportunities will open. Therefore, AZL is creating and rating new scenarios for high potential applications and will provide necessary information to support product and service development of participating companies.

The 6-months study is designed as a joint study involving players along the value chain. This approach allows participants to benefit from the knowledge of all study partners and experts who are involved into the project. Study participants will be a direct part of the study and will be able to influence the progress according to their specific demands.

In two prioritization workshops, AZL together with the study partners determine the key segments as well as ten technologies/applications with the highest market potential which will be investigated in detail. The study will comprise application analyses of 12 market segments, investigation of 100 applications, technology analyses of 25 highlight components and 10 detailed business cases. Besides requirement analyses for materials and production technologies, new concepts for efficient profitable production technologies are developed including cost engineering analysis.

The fees to participate are based on the size of the company, with firms of less than 250 employees priced at 12,000 euros, and two higher-cost ranges topping out at 20,000 euros for companies of more than 500 employees. (Companies that are members of the AZL will pay 1/3 less.) Application deadline is in just 2 days, on Oct 14, 2016.

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