Homage to a Classic

Homage to a Classic

At the center of restaurant row in Napa, California, one of the culinary capitals of the US, there is a fork in the road… well, next to the road, anyway. Standing about 6 feet tall, made of stainless steel and fiberglass, it is the perfect invitation to the pleasures of simple eating.

In its current location, a town that does a brisk tourist business, its name might also be an invitation (and a sly lampooning) to visitors with cameras.

“Say Cheese” is creation of Colorado artist and graphic designer Justin Deister. It was previously on exhibition in Longmont, CO in 2011, in Lafayette, CO in 2012, in Greeley, CO in 2013, and in Evergreen, CO   in 2014, and is due to grace the streets of Napa from 2015-2017.

from Justin Deister’s website:

“Do you remember how important it was as a kid, that food groups on your plate not touch each other? How the green beans melted the jello and both threatened to contaminate the mac and cheese? With prompt food management, you could eat your noodles in peace, either one noodle per tine, or by spearing as many as you could and stuffing them all in all at once. Either way, this was culinary excellence.
“As kids, we delight in little things that we soon grow up and forget about, like gobs of glue and faces in the clouds. I enjoy bringing nature, stories, history, even random bits and pieces of junk back to our attention and stirring them around.”

Also worth noting is that, after five years on exhibition outdoors, the fiberglass macaroni still looks fresh out of the oven.

Images by Steven H Miller, except as noted.