Time's Running Out to Help This FRP Project

Time’s Running Out to Help This FRP Project

The next generation of architects needs your help, and time is running out.  Students at the Illinois Institute of Technology are doing a Kickstarter to build a full-size carbon-fiber pavilion called the FIBERwave Pavilion.  From the small-scale model, it appears to be an articulated, interactive structure, very imaginative.

They don’t even need a lot of money.  Their entire budget is a mere $6500, and they’re part-way there.  BUT…  they need it quick!  The Kickstarter ends on March 25, just eleven days away.

If you contribute, you can receive any of a range of nifty thank-yous, such as 3-D Printed earrings, or a 1/6 scale replica of the carbon fiber shell unit that is used to compose the FIBERwave Pavilion.

The project is being pursued by students at Carbon Lab, “a student based design research studio within the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology devoted to the study of performative and adaptive physical fabrication,” says the Kickstarter page. “Our studio’s current focus is engaged in working with composite fiber materials, specifically carbon fiber, and utilizing their unique properties within architectural design.”

Check out their page and make a donation.  These kids are the “digital natives” of Architecture, and they deserve a leg-up on their journey to revolutionizing the built environment.

Images via the IIT FIBERwave Pavilion Kickstarter page