Light on Its Feet

Light on Its Feet

Most people think of a sofa as a large piece of furniture, rather cushy, with seating for several people, and heavy and cumbersome enough to cause a traffic jam when it falls off the back of a pickup truck on the Interstate.

Designer Keisuke Fujiwara challenges this notion on just about every level with his Reflection Sofa. This single-seat, cubic, FRP chair is lightweight, and quite formal. FRP, of course, is famous for its light weight, with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.  But for Fujiwara, apparently, being lightweight was not enough.  It must look it, as well.

To this end, he has designed the chair’s feet for a minimal contact area with the floor.  Moreover, by coating the underside with a neon-like paint (it’s available in either red or green), he casts a colored glow on the floor beneath the seat that makes it seem to float slightly.  In this case, form not only follows function, but also reflects its performance properties.

The designer is, of course, entitled to his opinion, but we would challenge the notion that the shape and style of a traditional sofa does not reflect its intended purpose (see below) and his “sofa” does.  Among the intended purposes of most sofas are the opportunity for two or more people to sit close to each other, and the possibility of one person stretching out partially or fully horizontal.  Clearly, Fujiwara’s intentions are different, but we cannot deny that they are executed in a clever and engaging way.



wanting to establish a light-weight impression, ‘reflection sofa’ by japanese designer keisuke fujiwara has minimal contact between the floor and the legs of the chair. cut out arcs prevent the structure from assuming a heavy aesthetic, despite its voluminous cube-like form. simple in shape, the hollow chair is made from FRP and the underneath is painted with a reflective neon paint that emits a faint glow of color onto the floor – further enhancing its sense of lightness. most sofas by contrast are big, heavy and stable looking, which the designer believes doesn’t reflect the time spent in them or their intended purpose. the elegant and modest looking ‘reflection sofa’ is available in two colors, its white base either reflects a red or green neon glow onto the floor below.