Free Composites Workshop For Architects

Free Composites Workshop For Architects

What can composites do in Architecture?  The limits have not yet been discovered.

If you you want to learn more about the potential, and how to use composites in design, a good place to start is the free CCP Composites workshop being conducted at Kreysler & Associates on November 15, 2013.  This advanced composite fabrication workshop  will be both a classroom and hands-on session presenting a general overview of the latest in composite technology with an emphasis on architecture, engineering, and construction.  The all-day session is free, but space is strictly limited, and reservations are required.

Rick Pauer of CCP Composites points out that these materials are not new.  They’ve been used since the 1950’s. The presentation starts by running down applications where they’ve seen success in the general market (bridge decks, marine pilings, composite rebar, ducting, piping, storage tanks, RV sidewall panels, tub shower units, etc.) and high-profile, high-performance applications such as the carbon fiber Oracle America’s Cup race boat. (A member of the Oracle design team will be there to discuss elements of the Oracle boat.)  There will also be discussion of less well-known applications: gasoline underground fuel tanks, the stealth bomber programs, the space shuttle arm, and the lightening protection systems in place from the beginnings of rocket launches at Cape Canaveral.

Building on that background, the focus shifts to architecture.  For example, there will be a speaker on the concept of a tourist hotel in space that, due to weight considerations, will likely be built out of FRP.

Along with lectures there will be several demos that will show the simplicity of making FRP while also showing the complexity of parts that can be fabricated from a little glass or carbon fabric and a little “plastic” resin to hold it all together.

“We hope to show how grams and ounces worth of materials can be fabricated into high performance, complex parts,” says Pauer.

The workshop is all day on November 15, 2013 at Kreysler & Associates in American Canyon, CA.  Attendance is free and lunch is provided.  For more information about attending, visit

SPACE is LIMITED! Please contact to inquire about attending the workshop.