The Building as Found Object Sculpture

The Building as Found Object Sculpture

The use of recycled materials in construction is becoming common place.  Still somewhat rare, however, is the use of recycled structures.  This project, designed by the Mexico City based architectural firm Productora, made use of six fiberglass arches originally fabricated for a modular housing project, a GRP Housing System called Kalikosmia, realized in 1970 by Juan José Díaz Infante.  (It is also interesting to note the long service life exhibited by these fiberglass arches, which outlived their original structure and are now part of a new building.)

The arches also bear a striking resemblance to the so-called “candela structures” profiled here in May 2012.



Recycled house in Tlayacapan, Morelos, Mexico

The project’s beginnings lie in the clients’ inheritance of a number of polyester structures recovered from a modular house prototype developed by the Mexican experimental architect Diaz Infante in the late sixties, where they used to spend their family weekends when she was a child.

The owners bought a new plot of land one hour from Mexico City in order to house these six parabolic modules and asked us reassemble and recycle these fiberglass shapes. The flower-shaped house was located in the center of the deep plot, leaving spaces for guest rooms to the front and a pool area to the rear. A concrete plinth was used to raise the fiberglass structure a meter above the ground level in order to create more generous indoor spaces. The simple geometry of the additional elements together with the texture of the exposed concrete used for both interiors and exteriors provides a strong contrast with the smooth surfaces of the restored modules.

Collaborators: Amauri Sidh, Sonia Starck, Iván Villegas / Building Type: Residence; recycling of fiberglass elements / Location: Tlayacapan, Morelos, Mexico / Built area: 90 m2 / Date: 2010 / Construction: Construcciones Papaloapan (Javier Arriola) / Clients: Pezzotti family


images courtesy of productura