The Reconfigurable Room

The Reconfigurable Room

For anyone who has ever lived in the apartment beneath an insomniac who tries to deal with depression by re-arranging the furniture at 2:30 AM, Modoo would seem like the answer to a prayer.

Modoo is, according to its designer, perfect for teenagers.

The system of lightweight FRP panels floats around the perimeter of a room on simple round rails, allowing the room (or at least its walls) to be reconfigured at will.  According to Portugese designer Claudia Neto Alves:

“Teenager. Synonymous of fashion, technology, future, fun, changes… Modoo proposes an easy, simple and appealing solution to fulfill de gap between teenagers and the static pieces of furniture that surround them. Through modules that can be pushed or changed over a simple structure, teens can build their own space, according to state of mind or need of comfort. Thus, with just a simple change they’re able to have broad partying spaces or a cozy spot for studying or relaxing. The furnishing system is as simple as a round bar, were fiber glass panels with a U-shapped application can slide over the bar. Note that the round bar circles the entire room, and is electrified for power source of certain panels (eg. light modoo). With the modoo system, teenagers can have a new room every day!”

The notion that this system is the solution to the whimsicality of teenagers may or may not be on target.  (Teens have been known to want something besides the floor to sit on, recline on, or work at. ) But the concept of FRP panels creating an easily reconfigurable room bears further investigation.  The various storage functions depicted are just the tip of the potential iceberg.  Illumination panels, sound panels and flat-screens spring easily to mind, too.

(It is unclear from the designer’s post whether of not these panels are actually in production or commercially available.)

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