Artemide showroom in Taiwan

The One-Piece Room

Artemide, the Italian lighting manufacturer, has chosen to present their products in a one-piece… that is, an store interior composed largely of a single surface.

The Artemide Flagship Store Taiwan, in downtown Taipei, was designed by Taiwanese architects CROX International.  The wall and ceiling are a single piece of FRP with integral desk, a flowing freeform surface punctuated by irregularly shaped apertures.  Finished with glossy white paint, it is it is visually sculpted by the hard and soft reflections from the various lighting instruments on display.  The store is presented to the world behind full-height glass, making it rather like a diarama that says, ‘The future is now.”


From CROX International Co., Ltd. press release:

Responding to Artemide philosophy, lighting is a source of physical pleasure and mental comfort, CROX beautifully embellishes the first Artemide Flagship Store in Taipei Downtown with the concept of the brightness and the sense of hope by interpretating the scene of sunlight breaks through the could.

From concept to realization of the design, CROX uses the high strength yet light weight fiber-reinforced polymer(FRP) to make one piece freeform possible; extending from the ceiling to the wall and forming the counter desk. The hanging form covers the posts and beams creating the surreal atmosphere.

Carefully crafted and installed by the experience FRP maters, this sculptural composition is finished with glossy paint to give a visual illusion of a large store space.

The two-floor store installing with the big window glasses evoking the nearby neighborhood through the engaging reflection and curvilinear form.


Photos via Artemide Flagship Store Taiwan by CROX – Dezeen.