Langdon Station

Langdon Station

DLR (Docklands Light Railway) commissioned Consarc as lead architects to design a station and bridge in London’s Langdon Park. The resulting design contains a composite canopy and is located on the DLR line running between Poplar and Stratford.

The sculptural elevator towers and bridge canopy act as landmarks signifying the entrance to the new station and symbolising its regenerative effect. The canopy sails over the bridge structure as a light weight aerofoil FRP composite fin suspended from two towers, mirrored in plan at either end of stairways to the bridge deck. The elevator tower and bridge steps provide a clearly accessible route over Langdon Park and in doing so define access to the station concourse and platform.

World Architecture News has this to say about the canopy:

“The design and realisation of the bridge canopy was a particularly clever element to the scheme. It was developed using 3D software, which was extrapolated by Gurit, the world specialist in FRP system design. Fabricated off-site the final canopy was then transported by barge and lorry to the site from Southampton. Given its lightweight nature the canopy was then hoisted into position in one weekend minimizing long track closures. By creating a transparent covered bridge and sculptural elevator towers all visual connections from the track and platforms are constant, making the station welcoming and secure and reducing the potential of vandalism.”

The project was recognized at the British
Construction Industry (BCI) Awards, where
it won a regeneration award, and was also
shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Better
Public Building Awards.

Architect and Lead Consultant: Consarc Architects

Structural Engineer: SKM Anthony Hunts

Cost Consultants: Gardiner & Theobald

Service Engineer: Atkins

Fabricator: Gurit

Photos via Consarc